Getting Started with Tangerine Hub

To get started with your own instance of Tangerine, please register your account by clicking here: 

The Tangerine Hub is the site where you will manage your Tangerine subscription. Shortly after registering and confirming your email, you will have been sent an email with the web address of your Tangerine instance, along with the password for ‘user1’.  You will find that both the address of your Tangerine server as well as the credentials for your ‘user1’ are visible at your Tangerine Hub page just below your usage meter.

Who is ‘user1’ and why is it important?

Your user1 is the only user with the ability to create groups on your Tangerine instance.  This safeguard allows you, the account owner, to have approval over who in your organization creates groups on your Tangerine server. You do not have to login as user1 to edit instruments or create APK files, you are welcome to create another user account for that, but you do need to be logged in as user1 in order to setup new groups.

What is an instance of Tangerine?

An instance of Tangerine is a complete installation of the software dedicated to your account. If you are a Premium or Custom user, your instance will be hosted on a dedicated server. If you are a free trial or Member user, your instance of Tangerine will be hosted on a shared server. Regardless of your subscription plan, you as the account owner have full control over who can access your Tangerine instance.

How can I add users to my organization’s Tangerine subscription?

To add users to your Tangerine account, simply provide them the link to your instance of Tangerine that you received in your email (e.g. mytangerine.tangerinecentral.org) and ask them to login with a username and password of their choosing. This will establish their account. Once a user has logged in, you or anyone who is an admin of an existing group can add him or her to a group.

Can I test my instruments without it counting toward my subscription plan?

Yes. In your browser, you can review your instrument content without your tests affecting your usage by pressing the ‘Play’ button. When testing in your browser, after clicking “Save Result” at the end of an assessment, you will notice a button, “Save result to server” at the bottom of the screen. Your result will only count toward your usage if you have chosen to “Save result to server”.  

Can I move my existing groups to my new Tangerine instance?

Yes. To move any of your groups over to your new Tangerine instance, please contact us and let us know: the name of your new Tangerine instance, your username from Tangerine at databases.tangerinecentral.org, and the name(s) of the group(s) you would like copied. This process will migrate content only, it will not migrate any results. Any APK files from your original group will continue to upload to the group page where the APK was generated.

Please Note:

  • If you are attempting to add another user to a group on your new Tangerine server and having difficulties, it is most likely that there is an error in the spelling of the username you’ve entered or that the user has not yet logged in on your new Tangerine server. Remember that the spelling of Tangerine usernames is case-sensitive, and that usernames created on other versions of Tangerine will not have been imported into your new Tangerine server (users must first login on your Tangerine server before you can add them to groups).