Tangerine Services Update

Dear Tangerine Users,
Thank you for supporting Tangerine and for the important fieldwork that you do. As you may know, RTI International has been providing Tangerine free of charge since 2012. In order to continue to provide Tangerine and support its maintenance and development, we will be soon be providing dedicated Tangerine sites for all organizations wishing to use it through RTI International.

The website where RTI has been providing Tangerine to date (databases.tangerinecentral.org) will be closing down beginning October 13, 2017. From October 13, you will still be able to access the site to retrieve your data, but you will no longer be able to generate new APK files. We will leave the site open through November 1, 2017, so that you have time to complete any active data collections and to retrieve any data you need. 

To continue to support and maintain Tangerine, we will need to charge fees so that we can ensure responsive support and valuable features. You can sign up for this new service and find more details of the pricing options here

Once you have registered for the new Tangerine service, we would be happy to migrate your instruments from databases.tangerinecentral.org to your new Tangerine site. Tangerine will remain open source software. If you are interested in hosting the software on your own server, please visit Tangerine on GitHub

For any questions about this process, please Contact Us

Thank you for supporting Tangerine and Open Source Software!

Kind Regards, 
The Tangerine Team at RTI International